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Andy Harbeck is an artist and award-winning filmmaker based in Los Angeles. His practice includes 3d Animation, Light Sculpture Art, Maker, Photographer, and Filmmaker. He most recently was the Head of Character Look on the DreamWorks Animation film Trolls World Tour. Prior to Trolls World Tour, he was a Surfacing Supervisor on Bilby and Rise of the Guardians and a Look Dev Artist on the Oscar-nominated Kung Fu Panda films, Monsters vs. Aliens, Over The Hedge, and Shark Tale. For the film Rise of the Guardians his look dev team was nominated for a VES award.

Before joining DreamWorks Animation, Harbeck worked at Tippett Studio as a Look Dev Lead on films such as Matrix Revolutions, Blade II, The Ring and The One. He also worked at Square Pictures on the film Final Fantasy:The Spirits Within, one of the first photorealistic computer-animated feature films.

    Andy has also directed several short films including Ozlobot, For My Sister, and El Aura Azul which have been featured in major festivals around the world. The short film El Aura Azul was acquired by the French channel Canal+ and Gonella Productions.

Andy graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute with a BFA in Photo/Video. As a student he won an award at the Kansas City Jubilee Festival for creating the cg short film "Ca Chinks".


DreamWorks Animation

Tippett Studio

Square Animation

Metropolis 3D


VES Award Nomination - Rise of the Guardians

Kansas City Film Festival Animation Award

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