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Directed by Andy Harbeck

LANGUAGE: Spanish | SUBTITLES: English

Genre: Thriller/Horror
Running Time: 8:26
Year of production: 2015


After an eerie day at the pool in the mountains of Medellin, Colombia, Sasha's night takes a mysterious and dark turn as she realizes someone or something has followed her home.


● Pasadena International Film Festival ( March 5, 2016)
● Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival (November 2015)
● Festival De Cine De Bogota (October 2015)
● Terrorific Film Festival (Spain October 23, 2015)
● Spooky Movie Film Festival (October 2015)
● Scare-A-Con (September 2015)
● Unreal Film Festival (September 2015)
● Horrible Imaginings (September 2015)
● Macabre Faire Film Festival (August 1, 2015)

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